Hedi Viisma

Hedi Viisma, kanteleChromatic Concert Kantele
Chromatic Electroacoustic Concert Kantele

From its roots as a six-string folk zither, the kantele has grown over the last half century into a full-fledged concert instrument, and Estonian-born musician Hedi Viisma has consistently been at the forefront of its technical and structural development through her commissions, transcriptions and work with instrument makers. Viisma’s repertoire spans a wide variety of styles and periods, ranging from Renaissance and Baroque keyboard and lute works to piano music of the early twentieth century and new works composed especially for her.

Hedi Viisma performs in Duo Peili, together with cellist Seeli Toivio. Duo Peili has toured throughout Finland, and has released an album in 2011: Reflections. In 2014 the duo shall publish their 2nd album. More information about this new CD coming up in 2014.


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