Duo Toivio – Puusepp

Duo-Toivio-Puusepp-2010-c.Two beautiful women with cello and harp. Romantic and virtuoso works by A. F. Servais, Marin Marais, Armas Järnefelt, Franz Liszt, Franz Schubert, Edward Elgar etc. Extensive touring and concerts since 2005 in Finland and other countries.

In 2014 Duo Toivio-Puusepp shall have a concert tour in the USA. In 2015 the duo will publish their “10-year-jubilee album”. Duo Toivio-Puusepp is a regular performer at many music festivals in Finland, and has performed throughout the country in almost all concert halls and churches.

Along with regular concert appearances in concert halls, churches and salons, Duo Toivio-PuuDuo-Toivio-Puusepp-'10sepp fits well for parties and other gatherings, where beautiful music is needed. They also perform new music and “evergreens”, for example Disney and Elvis songs among others.

In 2009 and 2011 Duo Toivio-Puusepp performed on an extensive concert tour in Lapland, Finland. In june 2012 they visited Italy: the duo performed concerts in Rome and Bologna, together with the Finnish barytone Petteri Lehikoinen.

Duo Toivio-Puusepp has performed at the international Festival Servais in 2010 togerther with the Finnish violinist Linda Hedlund. Duo Toivio-Puusepp collaborates with many artists and play in various chamber groups:Trio Ideal Padasjoen kko 23.7.2013

Trio Ideale
Petteri Lehikoinen, barytone
Seeli Toivio, cello
Lily-Marlene Puusepp, harp and folk harp

Seeli Toivio, cello
Hedi Viisma, kantele
Lily-Marlene Puusepp, harp

Lily-Marlene Puusepp, harp
Malla Vivolin, flute
Strings Angelniemi kko 21.7.2013Linda Hedlund, violin
Maya Egashira, viola
Seeli Toivio, cello

Violin – Cello – Harp
Linda Hedlund, violin
Seeli Toivio, cello
Lily-Marlene Puusepp, harp

Duo Toivio-Puusepp Discography

CelebCD, 2013

SalutCelebCD, 2011

Salut D’Amour
CelebCD, 2009



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