Conductor Maurizio Colasanti

Maurizio Colasanti

is already well established on an international level as one of the most eclectic and dynamic conductors of his generation. An expert in contemporary music, he specializes in the Italian Opera and classic romantic period.
Premature musical talent he began music studies with E. De Renzis at the age of five, he play his first soloist concert at age of seven and earned his first Diploma Cum Laude from the “Luisa D’Annunzio” Conservatory of Music.

During the course of his studies, he was awarded several prizes in international music competitions including First Prize: Capri (’87) and L’Aquila-Miami (’88), Pola (’89), and the competition for teaching in Italian Music Conservatories (‘91). He is also gratuated Cum Laude in Philosophy (Università G. D’Annunzio – Chieti). In 1990, joined by several members of few Italian Symphony Orchestra, Maurizio Colasanti founded the chamber orchestra I Fiati Italiani, of which he is currently Music Director.

Maurizio Colasanti has played with:
Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana
Orchestra del Teatro Lirico di Cagliari
I Fiati Italiani
Deutsches Kammerorchester
Loja Symphony Orchestra
Kärnten Sinfonie Orkester
Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese
Orchestra del Teatro Marrucino
Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra
Villa Lobos Symphony Orchestra
Orquesta Sinfonica del Estrado del Mexico
Guanajuato Symphony Orchestra
Sinfonica De Mar Del Plata
Orchestra Sinfonica Porto Alegre
Orchestra da Camera di Firenze
New England Symphony Orchestra
Nancy Symphonic Orchestra
Cappella Istropolitana
Istanbul Symphony Orchestra
Orchestra Magna Grecia

He has performed concerts with many important musical institutions:
Carnegie Hall New York
Royal Accademy Of Music London
Miami University of Music
Teatro San Carlo Naples
Teatro dell’Opera di Roma
St. Martin in the Fields
Ottawa University
Miami Symphony Orchestra
Melba Hall Konzerthaus Teatro do SESI Porto Alegre
Società Italiana della Musica e del Teatro
Singapore Theatre
Shanghay Festival

…and in Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Canada, Usa, Slovenia, France, Belgium, Australia, Brazil, Cina, Singapore, collaborating with such distinguished artists as A.Rosand, C.M.Giulini, P. Badura Skoda, K.Gilbert, G.Manzoni, A.Braxton, G.Schuller.

He has also performed for His Holiness John Paul II.

He is principal teacher in the E.G.Duni Conservatorio di Musica in Matera and he has teaching also in many institutions: Royal College of Music (London), Conservatorio de Musica (Quito), Corsi Estivi Internazionali (Lanciano), UFMG, Royal School of Music (Melbourne).

He has recorded CD with: Bongiovanni (Bologna), Menabo (Rome), Iktius (Milan), Mondo Musica Verlags (Munchen), and Aulia. During 2012-13 season, he will conduct Opera and Symphonic Concert as : Magic Flute of Mozart (Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese), Illinois Youth Symphony Orchestra, Seoul Symphonic, Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, Istambul Symphony Orchestra, Festival Brahms, Wigmore Hall (London), Orquestra Sinfonica del Estado de Mexico, and Guanajuato Simphonic Orchestra (Mexico), and he will record a monografic CD of E.Villa Lobos with BSOMJ (Sinfonies and Choros).

In 2012 he was named principal conductor and artistic director of Osuel.

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